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Monday, 12 January 2015

Public Masturbation - cos there's a time and place for everything

Warning! Copying any of the acts mentioned here could get you arrested, see you socially ostracised and guarantee that you will die a virgin. The next time you look up the words, 'sad wanker' in a dictionary, don't be surprised if see a picture of yourself.

We do not condone any of these actions; we just enjoy reading about them. Thank you to all who shared.

I get turned on masturbating in public places. Just a few minutes ago, it was in a tanning bed.

One time, while the kids I was babysitting were watching tv, I sat on the couch behind them and masturbated to porn on my phone. I'm a girl.

I've masturbated twice in school bathrooms and I'm a girl. It was quite difficult

when I took my SAT test last year we were all in our own areas and I masturbated during the test, it was great!

I once masturbated in a walmart parking lot

I've masturbated at almost every job I've ever had. Sometimes in the bathroom, sometimes at my desk—while I was supposed to be working. I wasn't always alone in the room.

I once masturbated in a movie theater. There weren't a lot of people in there, but it was still in public and it was hot.

Once in highschool I jacked off to the hottest girl in the room while class was going on.

I'm a 26 year old woman who masturbated on the bus while someone was sitting next to me… I had a coat over my lap

I once masturbated into the pages of a book at the public library and returned it to the shelf.

I masturbated during rush hour traffic. It was awesome.

I jacked off in my neighborhood pool when there was no one there, a few years back

I masturbated in a public jacuzzi with the bubbles on so no one could see.

I was so desperate I once masturbated on an airplane mid long range international flight.

I once masturbated in church during a sermon simply because I could.

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  1. One night, while on a charter bus taking our church choir back home from a Christmas performance at Builtmore, I pulled my dick out and masturbated right there on the bus among my sleeping choir members.


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