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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sex, Sin and Crime

Sex, sin and crime - three things that always seem to be hopelessly intertwined. On the surface, the lines of distinction seem clear-cut; in practice, they are often difficult to unpick. Like separate streams that form a confluence, only to diverge again but not without the inevitable cross-contamination.

Sin Cities refer to locations noted for a high degree of tolerance for activities that, whether legal or otherwise, do tend draw the attention of duly appointed authority, or self-appointed guardians of a moral code that they would deem to be universally applicable. Illicit and/or illegal activities are freely engaged in, often openly.

Of course, with the advent of the internet, Sin Cities are no longer defined by location. Virtual metropolises, such as http://www.sincityexperience.com/las-vegas-escorts.php, allow people to seek out those who either share, or can help them to confront/fulfil their deepest fantasies, their darkest desires because let's be honest, irrational self-repression never did anyone any good, probably did a lot of people some amount of harm.

Las Vegas Valley, a metropolitan area in the state of Nevada, USA is a location that has earned the soubriquet of Sin City. Gambling and casinos may be what draw the customers in but once captured by the allure, they are plenty of other enticements waiting in the wings.

Prostitution, or they buying and selling of sexual favours as the basis for a financial transaction is illegal in all but a few parts of the world, even though, precisely such informal economies have existed since the dawn of man - for all we know, they may even exist in the animal kingdom. To overcome legal scrutiny and other forms of social anxiety, various forms of commercial sexual activity have evolved. The escort industry as an example, refers to people entering into a type of transaction that involves the exchange of 'companionship' for some benefit-in-kind. Thereafter, what takes place is between consenting adults, in private, thus not subject to criminal or other investigation.

However, do not take our word for it. Use your own caution, discretion, judgement and at all cost, play it safe. Human nature is such that one never knows when, that which one regards as a merely sinful, for others crosses a line.


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