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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

American Beauty - (not Kevin Spacey surely?)

The film American Beauty was a critical and commercial success upon its release in 1999. One of those relatively few occasions when a work of art seems to symbolise and capture the way a lot of people felt at a particular time.

End of millennium angst is discernible. Released around the same time as Fight Club, it also explores the idea of 'masculinity in crisis', a theme that was prevalent at the time. Most notably perhaps, the film furnishes us with a fairly accurate reflection of the pre-911 worldview, that all came to an end with the attack on the World Trade Towers. 

Among the many taboos it broke was that of masturbation. Spacey's character, Lester Burnham remarks on his morning pastime in the shower: 

This is the high point of my day - it's all down hill from here. 

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