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Monday, 7 January 2013

Pornography - for the person you are, or once were

It is a matter of some debate which is the bigger act of pure self-indulgence and waste of time - masturbation or the social networking sites that have become the landmarks of our age, like Facebook, Twitter, et al. Fortunately, for those who find this all to perplexing, there is PornoTwitter to help you decide the matter once and for all.

It is the Twitter account that describes itself as "the best source for all things porn related. Daily dose of hardcore Porn, pornography videos, sex industry news, porno pics and Pornstars."

Tweets that will tickle the taste buds of keen masturbators everywhere include gems like:
Masturbation...it's a touchy subject!
You know that look that women get when they want to have sex? Me neither.
Why procrastinate when you can masturbate?
Trapped on a desert island with one of the two, lover or unlimited porn. What do you chose?

According to Psychology Tomorrow (in an article on one of the sites which we happend to link to via http://twitter.com/porn the type of porn you choose to watch says much about the kind of person you are - apart that is from being a probably very horny one.

"Porn is a window into the deepest level of your psyche." Our response to it should be analysed the same way one would regard any other response to a stimulus. The point is not to punish yourself with guilt but to understand the meaning behind it. Subconsciously we have unlocked a repressed feeling or emotion. Through our fantasies we are attempting to overpower these subconscious desires, overcome feelings of powerlessness. The article goes on to suggest that "the porn we choose to watch is dictated by our psychological histories."

And that knowledge was brought to you simply because we happened to stumble upon it on Twitter - now who says it is a waste of time?

While this post has been sponsored, the views expressed represent those of the author and the publisher, not necessarily those of the sponsor. 

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