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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Introducing the BeanieBang Babes - the sex toy that respects your need for privacy

Masturbation is one of those improvisational pursuits. Some need nothing more than what God has given them to enjoy their favourite pastime. Others need that extra stimulation, just to make it feel all the more real. Either way, the arousal factor is largely a question of what the mind is able to conjure up.

Beaniebang Babes, due to be launched in 2013, represent the latest generation of realistic love dolls. More than that, they represent an ingenious response to the problem that confronts all masturbators - that need for privacy. Because despite the fact that probably 95% of the world's population engages in the furtive act; as a topic of conversation and public discourse, it remains taboo. Maybe this is because the intense emotional intimacy connected with it, makes people all the more reluctant to share - the fear that it might be taken away somehow.

This brings us to the next question: How to beaniebang without drawing attention to your favourite pastime. After all, these girls are big and heavy (no disrespect intended) and are bound to fall out of your closet sooner later. Could those dirty looks you have been getting from the cleaning lady mean that she has stumbled upon your secret? How about those nosey friends you sometimes entertain? Answer is simple - just offer them a seat.

Beaniebang Babes come disguised as a Beanbag. The sex toy you can leave lying around the house. How about that? It is you who will be having the last laugh as your guests enjoy the comfort of your living room, curled up on that irresistibly comfortable mod con. They may even want to borrow it - in which case, just say 'no'.

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