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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Derek Bell - An Appreciation

We've already looked at the impact of masturbation on popular music, serving as a muse for many pop hits. But what about other musical genres. It may surprise many to know that Irish traditional music has something to add to the repertoire.

Derek Bell was a Belfast born musician best known for his work with The Chieftains. Always the eccentric he was the well-dressed member of the group but was also liked to wear socks with novelty designs of Looney Tunes characters. He was also known to tell the odd obscene joke. His fellow musician, Paddy Moloney used to refer to him as 'Ding Dong Bell'.

The title of his 1981 solo album Derek Bell Plays With Himself was a conscious double-entendre. If you don't believe us look for it on Amazon. Last time we checked it was available on CD and Vinyl.

Plays With Himself

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