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Monday, 28 February 2011

Masturbation Through the Ages - Artistic Renderings

In case you thought masturbation is a recent phenomenon, fomented mainly by the internet, this ought to put the record straight. Why our ancestors were also going at it like ravenous beasts and using art forms to depict it in all it's glory - and for all the world to see! For all we know, they were probably masturbating in Biblical times too.

Woman seated with thighs apart
by Gustav Klimt (1916)

Masturbation Mutuelle,
watercolour by Johann Nepomuk Geiger, 1840

Egon Schiele
self-portrait, 1911

19th Century Shunga print by Kunisada

A satyr masturbating.
Detail from a Greek krater from 6th century BC

Sculpture from a temple at Khajuraho
in Madhya Pradesh, India

copper engraving by Mihály Zichy, 1911

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