Everyone does it, and if they say they don't they're lying. It's a sacred thing. - Britney Spears

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Masturbation - The Last Taboo

What can you say about masturbation that hasn't already been said? Quite a lot actually, because despite the fact that probably ninety-eight percent of the world's population do it, (the other 2% having lost the use of their hands) for many it remains the self-love that dare not speak it's name; especially in the company of the polite or squeamish. We were even a little embarrassed to be blogging about it to be honest. But then, as the saying goes, 'if we don't, who will?'

Only about 10% of the world is gay yet we see those lovely folk everywhere we go - out, loud and proud so ya better get used to it! When is the last time you witnessed a Masturbation Pride event? This blog is dedicated to rectifying the imbalance, in the manner in which the media and other forms of human entertainment have neglected the holy subject of masturbation.

Watch out world. We're here to take you by storm. We're about to let everyone in on a dirtly little secret that everyone shares in - except for the most hardened neo-cons and ultra bigots who of course don't engage in that sort of thing.

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